New Features

  • Customer licenses can optionally be assigned to multiple channels, giving customers the ability to choose one of the selected release channels for each installation.
  • A new Replicated CLI is installed that exposes the ability to manually perform most actions which would previously require the Admin Console. The original CLI is still available with no changes. To manually enable replicatedctl on servers upgraded from previous versions, see the manual instructions
  • Previous versions of an application can be installed using a parameter in the easy install script or by creating a Replicated configuration file.
  • The Premkit and Statsd external networks are now automatically added as environment variables into application containers on the Swarm scheduler.
  • Preflight checks are now enabled on the Kubernetes scheduler with several Kubernetes-specific items added.


  • Added all detected parameters from a running Replicated server into the support bundle, regardless of where they were set.
  • Admin Console Boolean configuration options are now allowable as values to templatable when properties in the application YAML. This eliminates the need to build off multiple hidden config options.
  • The maximum clock skew between nodes in a Replicated cluster is configurable on the Console Settings page of the Admin Console.
  • The Admin Console enforces CSRF tokens on browsers with low security settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Automated installs will now work with airgap licenses.
  • Kubernetes deployments with replica values that evaluate to 0 will no longer prevent the application from starting.
  • Increased the reliability of application start/stop state in the Admin Console.
  • Fixed an issue where updating a configuration option would not be automatically applied until the next application restart.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause invalid YAML to prevent an update from being applied or skipped.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an application update to fail to apply after Replicated was automatically updated.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the proxy server settings to be written incorrectly on systemd systems.