New Features

  • Replicated now supports deploying a Swarm (docker-compose v3/3.1 YAML). The following features are supported:
    • Added a new easy install script to provision a new Swarm cluster while installing Replicated. Documentation is available.
    • Added support for Replicated Automatic Updates when running in Swarm.
    • Added support for private images pushed to the Replicated registry. Swarm supports both public images and private images in the Replicated registry with no additional configuration required.
    • Added statsd/graphite support and custom monitors on the dashboard. The standard CPU and memory graphs are not supported currently.
    • The support bundle now contains Swarm specific data when running Replicated in Swarm.
    • Added the Replicated Integration API endpoint as a new network, joined to both the Replicated and the application network.
    • An new section of our docs was written to help get started with deploying Replicated on Swarm at https://www.replicated.com/docs/packaging-an-application/docker-swarm.
    • An example application (Voting app) showing how to deploy a Swarm application on Replicated is at https://www.replicated.com/docs/examples/swarm-votingapp/.
    • Added support for pointing the AppURL on the Admin Console to a service endpoint.
    • Added several new template functions to support Swarm installations.
    • Added SwarmIngressAddress template function to determine the generated ingress address of the service.
    • Added SwarmNodeIDs template function to get a list of all Docker node ids in the cluster.
    • Added Namespace template function to read the generated namespace of the application in Swarm.
  • When running Replicated on Kubernetes, it’s now possible to run Replicated in a non-default namespace.
  • The ready state default time has changed from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • The ready state timeout is configurable in the application YAML.
  • Added an autoscale property to the component level in the Replicated scheduler.
  • Added a feature to the license page that allows a license to be locked to a specific version of the application. This will prevent updates past this version and will force new installs to start at this version.
  • Custom preflight checks can use config files from the application YAML.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a missing error message when multiple Replicated Operator containers with the same ID attempt to join the Replicated service. This is relevant for Replicated scheduler only.
  • Fixed the “download” button on the snapshot restore page to properly download the recoverable volume.
  • Fixed issue where using a AWS generated DNS name in the SSL Hostname input would generate errors.