New Features

  • Custom Preflight Checks are available. Read more about the feature on our blog. Full documentation is available on our docs.
  • The Replicated on-prem UI now has a logout item on the top menu.
  • The Replicated CLI now supports restoring snapshots from the command line.
  • All Replicated components can now run as a lower privileged user instead of root. This will be automatically enabled for any installs or updates that use the easy install script to install 2.5.0 or later.
  • Added support for Docker 1.13.
  • Added support for setting ulimit parameters when starting containers. Documentation is available.
  • Added new template functions:
    • AppID: returns the current application appid.
    • AppVersion: returns the current version (sequence) of the application.
    • AppVersionFirst: Returns the version sequence of the first version installed.
    • AppVersionCurrent: Returns the current app version sequence.
    • RunOffline: Returns whether or not the application is running in airgap mode.
    • NowFmt: Returns the current timestamp as a formatted string.
    • TrimSpace: Returns a string with all leading and trailing spaces removed.
    • Trim: Returns a string with all leading and trailing string contained in the optional args removed.
    • HumanSize: Returns a human-readable approximation of a size in bytes.
    • ParseBool: Converts a string to a boolean value.
    • ParseFloat: Converts a string to a float value.
    • ParseInt: Converts a string to an integer value.
    • ParseUint: Converts a string to an unsigned integer value.
  • Improved release notes.


  • Replicated API version numbers are now always guaranteed to be equal to Replicated release version numbers. You can stop using replicated_api_version and rely on automatic updates.
  • In the support bundle, journalctl are now in reverse so that the newest log lines are never truncated.
  • All Replicated on-prem endpoints now require a header of Content-Type: application/json as an anti-CSRF measure.
  • Filesystem permissions for /var/lib/replicated and /var/run/replicated files are changed to be owned by the replicated user, instead of root when running the easy install script.
  • Statsd, graphite and premkit now inherit the user account from the Replicated container, instead of always running as root.
  • Start mounting /etc directory instead of several directories under /etc.
  • Reduced filesystem permissions on replicated.sock file to 0660.
  • Added sysconfig logs to the support bundle.
  • Support for custom installations where the images are already present, Replicated will not attempt to pull. This is useful for automated testing environments.

Bug Fixes

  • When rendering the console settings page, fields of type password are not included in the payload.
  • Changed restart policy from never to no because never is not supported in Docker 1.13.
  • Allow Replicated to use locally tagged images when normally tagged images do not exist
  • Improved error messages when the replicated-operator container experiences an error.
  • A release YAML that’s marked as required but has an invalid cmd field can no longer be skipped.
  • Fixed bug that could cause replicated-operator to not restart when an update to Replicated is automatically applied.
  • Fixed bug that made proxy settings in the console settings page not apply at runtime.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a snapshot restore process from automatically advance the UI to the preflight checks.


  • Due to the listed change for anti-CSRF measures, after updating to 2.5.0, users will have to manually refresh the Replicated Admin Console browser tab.