New Features


  • Replicated will now include PersistentVolumeClaims from ReplicaSets, Pods, and StatefulSets in snapshots when using the Kubernetes scheduler. Previously only PersistentVolumeClaims used in Deployments could be snapshotted.
  • Config item default properties are no longer set as the value of the config item when saved on the settings screen of the Replicated admin console.
  • The Replicated install scripts will no longer add hard brackets to some IPv4 addresses as arguments to the Replicated Daemon.
  • Replicated will now use the image name or container name when available for dashboard messaging in addition to the Container ID.
  • Replicated Systemd service will now be installed as WantedBy=docker.service. This will cause Replicated to start on Docker service start. Previously Replicated would start on system boot.

Bug Fixes

  • Snapshots and restores with the Kubernetes scheduler now include audit log events.
  • Changed the StatsD Deployment strategy to “Recreate” to fix a bug that caused the StatsD Pod to be stuck in the ContainerCreating state after upgrades with the Kubernetes scheduler.
  • Fixed an issue where Kubernetes Config Maps and Secrets could get applied before Pods, resulting in the new pod having the previous values prior to the update.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in Replicated failing to initialize after an upgrade, prompting the user with an error message indicating network issues.
  • Fixed a possible crash when generating a support bundle.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the support bundle to hang until the timeout was reached when on a Journald enabled system.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Replicated services not to start after a Docker upgrade on distributions with the Systemd service manager.
  • Fixed an issue where Docker 1.13.1 on RHEL is not able to validate the on-prem registry certificate.
  • Replicated install scripts will now re-configure the Docker proxy settings on subsequent runs when changed. Previously these values were ignored.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Replicated to fail to install Docker on Debian 9 when the Replicated install scripts are invoked from a startup script on machine boot.
  • Fixed a confusing error message when a command fails while updating the application that stated there was “invalid yaml”.
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent registry.replicated.com images hosted in the library organization from pulling due to authentication failures.
  • All known CVEs with fixes have been patched in all images distributed by Replicated at the time of the release. For more information see this article.