New Features

  • Added ability to alias admin commands using a custom name instead of “replicated admin”. Docs are at https://www.replicated.com/docs/…
  • Added YAML feature to require a version of Replicated (semver range support) and have Replicated auto-update during application update installation.
  • Docker content trust and signed images support.
  • Dashboard I8N support.


  • Changed default setting when promoting a release from “required” to “optional”.
  • Preflight check support for RHEL 7.3.
  • Shell authentication removed for all CLI calls. It’s assumed that root shell access will give you access to the Replicated CLI.
  • Metrics dashboard can now include multiple charts per graph.
  • Update check interval can now be set using cron syntax.
  • License expiration date shown on license page.
  • LDAP support for restricting users to 1 or more groups.
  • Added “None” type for smpt_auth which only validates port accessibility

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved potential shutdown race condition for containers with --restart. Replicated will now remove the restart policy from containers before attempting to shut them down.
  • Snapshot and restore option no longer visible on Console Settings page when snapshots are disabled in YML.
  • Updating TLS console settings now automatically restarts web server and doesn’t require a Replicated restart.
  • Switching to static statsd ports now correctly takes effect after an application upgrade.
  • Snapshots of missing files now correctly cause snapshot to fail.