New Features

  • Added the ability to specify terms to display to the end-user in the Admin Console prior to installing a license.
  • It is now possible to specify minimum space requirements for the Docker root directory (commonly /var/lib/docker) using custom preflight checks. The minimum required space will default to 1GB when not specified.
  • As an alternative to the Rook storage provisioner, Replicated now provides an optional host path provisioner ideal for single node Kubernetes installations.
  • It is now possible to opt out of a Kubernetes storage provisioner provided by Replicated and bring your own.
  • Added resources and logs to the Kubernetes support bundle from the kube-system, heptio-contour, rook-ceph and rook-ceph-system namespaces.
  • Custom branding will now be applied prior to installation of the license when using the Kubernetes scheduler and installing via the release channel installation scripts.
  • Added a force-reset flag to the Kubernetes uninstaller that, when present, will suppress all prompts and warning messages before uninstalling Kubernetes and Replicated.


  • The language on the Open Source License page of the Admin Console has been clarified to indicate that it is Replicated that uses or distributes software under licenses listed on that page and not the vendor application.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the status tile on the Admin Console dashboard from updating in some scenarios.
  • Fixed a race condition after a restore that would cause the certificate in the Docker store not to match the one used by the Replicated on-prem registry API, resulting in image pull errors when starting the application.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the application would automatically update when when unpinning the application release sequence.
  • Fixed an issue where Replicated Operator would produce excessive logs and files when using a logging driver that does not support docker logs.
  • Fixed an issue that would produce an error when running replicatedctl without any arguments.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a crash in Replicated when generating a V1 Support Bundle using the Kubernetes scheduler.
  • Fixed an issue where the local snapshot file destination would fail to render in the Admin Console when using the Multi-Strategy Backups feature.