New Features

  • Kubernetes 1.11.1 is now the default version when installing Replicated with Kubernetes.
  • The Kubernetes support bundle now includes the following additional resources: certificatesigningrequests, clusterrolebindings, clusterroles, controllerrevisions, cronjobs, mutatingwebhookconfigurations, poddisruptionbudgets, rolebindings, roles, validatingwebhookconfigurations, volumeattachments
  • replicatedctl cluster node-join-script command has been added to retrieve a script to join a new node to the cluster.
  • replicatedctl app status command has been added to retrieve detailed information on the application’s status.
  • replicatedctl system status command has been added to retrieve the Replicated system status.


  • replicatedctl app status inspect has been deprecated in favor of the replicatedctl app status command.
  • Kubernetes clusters are now created with Rook 0.8.1 and Weave 2.4.0.
  • The Kubernetes installer is now compatible with RHEL 7.5 and CentOS 7.5.
  • The Kubernetes installer configures a 100GB Persistent Volume Claim for new airgap installs.
  • The Kubernetes installer will prompt the user to disable firewalld when enabled.
  • The Kubernetes installer will run kube-proxy in ipvs mode.

Bug Fixes

  • The order in which the custom_metrics YAML property elements are listed is now maintained when rendered to the storage-schemas.conf and storage-aggregations.conf files in the replicated-statsd container.
  • Airgapped installations will now respect license update policies set to “automatic”.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in the V2 Support Bundle not honoring excluded environment variables when using the is_excluded_from_support parameter.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the replicated-operator global service from updating on remote worker nodes when upgrading an airgapped installation of Replicated.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Swarm and Kubernetes from pulling images from the local Replicated registry due to a missing certificate in /etc/docker/certs.d.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed LDAP anonymous binds when logging into the Admin Console or when performing an Identity API login operation.
  • Improved error messaging for failures in replicatedctl script prior to running the specified sub-command.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented the Replicated snapshot controller pod from starting on airgapped installations with Kubernetes.
  • Replicated will now fetch the latest V2 Support Bundle specs rather than using the specs embedded in the license when the airgap flag is passed to the Replicated installation script and an online install is attempted.
  • Online native installations that passed the airgap flag to the Replicated install script will not use the local registry unless a remote operator is detected.
  • Fixed a crash due to an invalid LDAP query used in the Advanced Search user or group option.
  • Fixed possible snapshot DB corruption and a crash caused by this corruption.
  • Fixed an issue where stopped containers would not be included in the V2 Support Bundle.