New Features

  • A custom restore script can now be defined in the backup section of the Replicated YAML to customize the restore process.
  • The replicatedctl license-load CLI command is now supported in airgapped mode with the addition of the flag --airgap-package=.
  • The Swarm easy install script will now accept the flag tls-cert-path= with an absolute path to the trusted CA certificates file on the host.


  • A custom certificate uploaded by the end-user will now be used on all ports exposed by Replicated on the host.
  • File permissions have been hardened for all Replicated persistent data.
  • Improvements have been made to error messaging in the UI when audit log components fail to initialize.
  • Primary color buttons in the Replicated Admin Console have been darkened so as not to be mistaken for disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • The --value and --data flags to the replicatedctl app-config set CLI command will now accept values with commas.
  • Test procedures with the run_on_save property set to true will no longer be evaluated if the underlying config item’s when condition evaluates to false.
  • The replicatedctl support-bundle CLI command for Kubernetes and Swarm will now create a file on the host in the directory /var/replicated/support-bundles/ as specified in the command output.