New Features

  • Support has been added for custom AWS endpoints in aws_auth test procedures. This makes it possible to provide test procedures that can validate against internal services such as Minio.
  • A support bundle task kubernetes.container-cp has been added that can copy files from containers within Kubernetes pods.
  • Replicated on Kubernetes now supports the ability to disable the deployment of the Contour ingress controller. When disabled, additional steps may be required to provide an ingress controller to your application.
  • Replicated installer now supports the ability to abort the installation when Device Mapper in loop-lvm mode is configured as Docker’s default storage driver.
  • Replicated on Kubernetes now supports the ability to disable terminal clearing upon the completion of the installation.
  • Hidden fields can now be exported as part of replicatedctl app-config export with the --hidden flag.
  • Replicated installer will now assemble a default list of NO_PROXY hosts and add them to the environment of Docker, as well as the Replicated and Replicated Operator containers. Additional hosts can be added to the default NO_PROXY list with the additional-no-proxy flag for the Native, Swarm and Kubernetes schedulers.


  • Additional IP addresses have been added to our list of current IP addresses. Although these are not yet active, any documentation that contains a list of our IP addresses should be updated to include these.
  • Replicated installer now returns an error and a 404 status code when an invalid route is requested from get.replicated.com. Previously the Replicated 1.2 installation script was rendered.
  • Replicated Native and Swarm applications using the V2 support bundle will now collect logs and status information for stopped or crashed containers.
  • The size and number of the Audit Log containers that ship alongside Replicated has been reduced.
  • The clarity of process names used in the on-prem audit log has been improved. For example, the process that previously appeared in ps aux as processor now uses an entrypoint replicated-auditlog-processor.
  • The log level of the replicated-auditlog-cron container has been changed from off to error.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where files added to a snapshot by a long running custom backup command could be truncated.
  • Snapshot restores from the CLI would previously exit with a 404 not found error on the Swarm scheduler.
  • All known CVEs with fixes have been patched in all images distributed by Replicated at the time of the release. For more information see this article.