New Features


  • Replicated now supports Ubuntu Bionic LTS 18.04 on the Native and Swarm schedulers.
  • Improvements have been made around surfacing license upload and sync error messages to the Browser UI and CLI.
  • Application services with failing tasks will be force restarted when starting an app on the Swarm scheduler.
  • Replicated will use the directory /var/lib/replicated/tmp mounted from the host when extracting airgapped bundles rather than /tmp inside the Replicated container.
  • Replicated Cloud API will now return status code 404 when a license is not found rather than 500.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a race condition that may cause the application state to get overwritten, resulting in Replicated starting and stopping the previous application version.
  • Updated the container-selinux package from mirror.centos.org from 2.33 to 2.42.
  • Suppressed a Docker warning when bypassing the on-prem registry indicating that the image cannot be accessed at the registry address.