New Features

  • Multi-strategy snapshots support has been added in Replicated Platform, allowing the vendor to configure different snapshot strategies that can include individualized custom commands, backup schedules and remote backup destinations.
  • The S3 snapshot backend can now be configured to send the ‘aws:kms’ Server Side Encryption headers.
  • File deduplication during snapshotting can now be disabled with the disable_deduplication flag.
  • On-premise Docker registry data can be excluded from snapshots using the exclude_registry_data flag.
  • Container labels can now be specified on the Replicated Native scheduler.
  • Container logs can be excluded from support bundles on the Native scheduler.


  • Snapshots on the Swarm scheduler now use the overlay network of the replicated stack rather than the host network.
  • Assignee has been added to the License API integration api GET /license/v1/license response.
  • The option license.id has been added to the template function LicenseProperty.
  • Additional license data has been added to the Support Bundle including assignee, channel name, channel id, multi-channel channels array, expiration time, expiration policy, and whether or not the license is expired.
  • The release channel for the repository used to install Docker has been changed from “test” to “stable”.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that could cause the Replicated Console to report the wrong application sequence as current on application updates.
  • Swarm tasks stuck in the shutdown state will not block application starting and stopping.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Replicated upgrades of worker nodes to fail in Swarm airgapped environments.
  • Resolved an issue where the License API will fail when numeric license field values are empty.
  • Journald logs were missing from the Support Bundle on some linux distributions when the log data directory defaults to /run/log/journal.
  • Resolved a race condition in the Support Bundle that could cause timeouts for commands that run and attach to container output.
  • No longer report false error open ***: is a directory in the Support Bundle error.json file.
  • Resolved an issue where restoring a snapshot using replicatedctl snapshot CLI would result in a 404 error.