New Features

  • Replicated can now install and manage a multi-node Kubernetes appliance.
    • There is now an option to add nodes to a Kubernetes cluster from the /cluster page in the Admin Console.
    • Replicated will install and manage Rook for relocatable persistent storage.
    • When running a cluster with at least three nodes, it is possible to have Ceph/Rook clustering enabled to allow data volumes to be stored on multiple nodes.
    • Replicated continues to support installation on existing Kubernetes clusters for customers who choose to manage their own cluster.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that caused multi-line environment variables to fail to parse, preventing the application from starting.
  • Resolved a panic during restore when Replicated snapshots are misconfigured.
  • Resolved an issue where application logs were not showing up in the Kubernetes support bundle.
  • Resolved an issue where Admin Console Audit Logs would not persist when restarting Replicated on Kubernetes.
  • Replicated Docker images have been updated to address the following CVEs:
    • CVE-2017-14062 and CVE-2018-6954 with High severity
    • CVE-2017-3738 and CVE-2018-1049 with Medium severity
    • CVE-2012-2663, CVE-2013-4392, CVE-2017-18078, CVE-2017-1000082 and CVE-2018-0733 with Negligible severity
    • CVE-2017-15422 and CVE-2018-0739 with Unknown severity