New Features

  • We’ve added support for airgap installations to the automated installation process by setting a new parameter named LicenseBootstrapAirgapPackagePath in /etc/replicated.conf.
  • Multi-channel licenses can now be automated to use a non-default channel using the new param LicenseBootstrapChannelID in /etc/replicated.conf.
  • Swarm install script now accepts one or more exclude-subnet flags to prevent Docker from creating networks in a subnet.
  • Replicated and Swarm install scripts now accept a no-ce-on-ee flag which prevents installation of Docker CE on enterprise Linux distributions including RHEL, SLES and Oracle Linux.
  • The Replicated install script now accepts the fast-timeouts flag which sets all input timeouts within the init script to 1 second.


  • The Replicated, Repliated UI and Replicated Operator containers now use debian:stretch-slim as their base image. This will result in significantly smaller image sizes.
  • The Replicated installation script will now install the container-selinux package on RHEL 7 when installing Docker, if required.
  • Application namespaces when using the Swarm scheduler have been shortened from 43 characters to 12 characters for new installations.
  • When installing Docker, the install scripts will now use Docker’s stable channel repos rather than edge.
  • The updated support bundle (optionally enabled on the Customer page) has been updated to store Docker logs in two files (stdout, stderr) and also increased compatibility with older Docker versions.

Bug Fixes

  • All known CVEs with patches have been patched in the Docker images Replicated installs.
  • Custom publish event timeouts in the Replicated native scheduler were being ignored and set to 10 minutes.
  • Restoring from a snapshot on a single host airgap install was not restoring application images.
  • Counts of global services shown on the cluster page when using the Swarm scheduler were never reporting more than 1 replica.
  • The Swarm node master address shown in the Add Node modal was incorrect on Docker 1.13.
  • Within README.md in the v2 support bundle, VERSION.txt has been replaced by VERSION.json, matching the file present.
  • Preflight checks displayed resource requirements in GiB (2^30), not GB (10^9), which did not match how values were parsed within the application yaml.
  • Applications were occasionally failing to start after restoring the nodes of a cluster from a snapshot.
  • The Replicated on-prem audit log was broken when SELinux was enabled due to improper SELinux labels being applied to related containers.
  • Replicated test_procs were receiving stale config settings with values using recursive templating.