New Features

  • Ephemeral containers are now possible when using the Docker Swarm scheduler.
  • Admin Console Audit Log Enhancements
    • Replicated now ships with a more powerful embedded Audit Log that supports programmatic access, powerful structured search, and CSV exports.
    • We split this out to help make Replicated more manageable, more supportable, and better optimized for multi-node infrastructure.
    • Help Center articles have been added for Searching the Embedded Audit Log and Programmatic Audit Log API Access.
    • The advanced audit log ships with 5 new containers. A small amount of additional memory is required on the Replicated master node to support these containers.
    • The Admin Console will display an “Initializing Components” screen while starting the audit log, if it’s not already running during an installation.
    • The advanced audit log is currently supported in the Replicated scheduler. Support for Kubernetes and Swarm will be added in an upcoming release.


  • Unify logging format for all three Replicated containers.
  • Changed level of expected log line “failed to render sse event err=“write unix /var/run/replicated/replicated.sock->@: write: broken pipe”” from info to debug.

Bug Fixes

  • Replicated will now report the proper “stopped” status when a container with no event subscriptions fails to start.
  • Fixed an issue where some logging is going to stdout rather than stderr from the replicated process.
  • Removed sensitive data from console settings debug log. This was being inadvertendly logged if the server was reconfigured to run in debug mode.
  • Stopped Replicated from reverting to an old TLS certificate when configured via /etc/replicated.conf and upgrading from Replicated versions prior to 2.10.0.
  • Fixed an issue that causes the application to fail to start on older versions of Docker including 1.9.1.
  • Removed a panic that could cause Replicated to restart when using the Replicated scheduler under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where some debug log lines were visible when at level info and above in the replicated process.
  • Allowed snapshot restore to complete even when restoring empty directories.
  • Fixed an issue that caused replicated to crash when loading certain application yaml files that used none as a value.