New Features


  • Expand auditing to track over 150 different UI and CLI actions in the Audit Log.
  • Premkit will now use a directory in /tmp for its data volume instead of an root level directory. This data will be recreated if lost, it’s safe to delete at runtime.
  • In the Replicated scheduler environment variables, we’ve renamed the static_val key to value. The static_val name will continue to work, but you’ll start to see warnings to update it.
  • Preflight check will now only dial the on-premises registry with TLS. This prevents a harmless error in the logs http: TLS handshake error from <HOST>:<PORT>: EOF.
  • Removed an expected error log line open /var/lib/replicated/db/cipher: no such file or directory.
  • Upgrade BoltDB to v1.3.1 to fix a bug with file allocation. BoltDB is an internal dependency of Replicated on-prem components.
  • Replicated now waits for work to finish before exiting when receiving a shutdown signal. The time waited can be configured by setting the parameter shutdown_cleanup_wait. Default is shutdown_cleanup_wait=5s.
  • The Replicated easy install script will now set the Docker storage driver to loop-lvm on RHEL and CentOS servers with an XFS filesystem. The storage driver will be left as overlay or overlay2 only when the minimum requirements are met.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that causes the user to re-enter the login username on the “Secure the Admin Console” page when updating the LDAP authentication credentials.
  • Fixed an issue that causes config items to unexpectedly be visible when chaining conditional items with template functions in the when property.
  • Fixed an issue that causes the Replicated 1.2 installation script to install the latest Docker version. The correct docker version is 1.12.3 for most Linux distributions.
  • Fixed an issue that causes all application settings applied after an update has been downloaded to revert after that update is applied to the vendor application.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents XSS injection from the vendor application’s config.item.description property in the config settings screen of the on-prem admin console.
  • Fixed an issue in the operator transport that resulted in increased memory footprint over time.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause custom metrics time series data to be inadvertently included in payloads sent to Replicated APIs.
  • Fixed an issue where symbolic links included in the snapshot would not be restored pointing at the correct target, resulting in broken links on the file system.
  • Fixed an issue where snapshot restore would restore only one volume when multiple volumes are included in the snapshot.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to app name in yaml were not reflected on the admin dashboard when a new version is applied.