New Features

  • The Replicated snapshot feature has several highly-anticipated updates, including:
    • Kubernetes Support
    • Incremental Snapshots, with files being deduplicated across future snapshots.
    • S3 and SFTP Configuration Options
    • Note: Snapshots taken in 2.10.4 and earlier will not be compatible with this. We recommend a snapshot before and after upgrading to be safe.


  • Default preflight checks will no longer include a check for linux distribution and version.
  • Status messages sent to the Integration API while waiting for the ready-state command to complete will now be displayed on the admin console.
  • Replaced the replicatedctl -v and replicatedctl --version flags with a version subcommand that will print the Replicated client version.
  • Added replicatedd -v and replicatedd --version flags to print the Replicated server version.

Bug Fixes

  • The scheduler/container/<container> directory is no longer missing from the support bundle when support_commands and/or support_files are included in a container definition.
  • Self-signed TLS certificate changes are now applied straight away.
  • The migration script from 1.2 to 2.x no longer causes aborts when an http proxy is set via the user input prompt.
  • The migration script from 1.2 to 2.x no longer causes the app name to be erased from the admin console.
  • The admin console no longer references or uses unnecessary assets.
  • Fixed an issue in the support bundle that was causing errors to be logged when support commands or support files are empty in the yaml.
  • Cert/key generation after a restore is now generated against the correct CA.
  • The Proxy settings save and apply functionality in the admin console has been fixed when running on a systemd server.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents configuration settings from being saved when Replicated’s encryption cipher changes after a restore.
  • Error statuses sent to the Integration API before polling for the ready state will now correctly stop the app startup sequence and show the error message.
  • Missing Docker Upstart logs have been added to the support bundle.
  • The messaging on the Settings screen save modal has been improved to indicate that an application restart will occur when clicking the confirm button for the Replicated native scheduler.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented viewing preflight checks in the UI when ShouldBypassPreflightChecks is enabled in the replicated.conf file.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented old images from being removed with the Swarm scheduler.