New Features

  • Support for setting the name of a container instead of the random names assigned by docker-engine.
  • The Replicated scheduler supports specifying a custom entrypoint that will be used when starting containers.
  • Support volumes_from in the Replicated scheduler.
  • Added a new test_proc that can determine if a string is valid JSON.
  • Add new license option to allow the application to be stopped when the license has expired.
  • Added a LicenseProperty template function that can return “assignee”, “channel.name”, “expiration.date” or “expiration.policy”.


  • The data attribute in publish_events supports template functions. This allows for port-listen events to be bound to a port that is dynamically exposed.
  • LDAP credentials now support raw LDAP queries, allowing for more advanced configurations.
  • If you aren’t using Snapshots, you can choose to hide this tile. However, nothing shows up in it’s place.
  • During installation time, a custom port can be defined for replicated-ui, overriding port 8800.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem that caused an error when operators were added and tagged while an application is starting