New Features

  • Embedded some Google Fonts into the container. If you are custom branding and want to change the font, it will work offline now.
  • Added a new page served over port 80. This will help prepare your customer to accept the self-signed SSL cert before continuing.


  • Added license_id and installation_id to the Integration API.
  • Added replicated-operator version number to the /cluster page.
  • Added CPU Hz to the preflight checks.
  • Added replicated-versions.txt to the support bundle. This will make it easier to find versions of all Replicated components installed.

Bug Fixes

  • License sync interval was set to “never” by default. It’s now set to 10 hours.
  • Fix exec events throwing an exception about the wrong data type.
  • Set volume permissions when specified in YAML.
  • Severity status messages were not sticking on the UI.
  • Admin command alias was not being creating on read-only filesystems.